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APEMAN In Car Dash Cam Dashboard Camera Review

The Apeman In Car Dash Cam is one of the more popular dash cams on the market today. Though you might not have heard of Apeman (yet!), they’re a developing brand that are developing great cameras. But does this dash cam live up to its reputation?


The Intro

You may well never have heard of Apeman. They’re a completely Chinese manufacturer and brand, which might put off many potential consumers. But bare in mind; the majority of things are all produced in Asia now, even if the brand itself claims that it is American or European. This is usually to suppress costs, yet you’re still paying the same high price for the ‘local’ brand? Not with Apeman. You’ll get the same high quality products without paying those premium prices.

But anyway, what of their In Car Dash Camera? Is it as good as the competitors at just a margin of the price?

 Product Details

  • Dual Cam – Comes with a 1080p front camera as well as a 640×480 rear camera, which is idea; for those looking for optimal security. You won’t find a dual cam at a cheaper price than this. And if you do, it’ll likely be of shoddy quality.
  • 170 Degree Angle – In general, when looking for a wide angle dash cam, the minimum requirement is 140 degrees. 140 degrees would be considered as being fairly wide, but is becoming a standard size for any new dash cam being built. A 170 degree angle is more suited to those looking for an extremely wide angle, which can be advantageous depending on what it’s uses are.
  • Well built – One of the most annoying things about having a dash cam is that you can often lose valuable footage. With the Apeman, this risk is minimized significantly. It has G Sensor data protection, which basically means that if it’s about to crash, it’ll automatically save beforehand. Clever, right?
  • It’s light – It’s one of the lightest dash cams that we have seen on the current market.


Extremely wide viewing angle

We’re yet to find a dash cam that can beat the viewing angle of the Apeman. Whilst other dash cams can match it with a whopping 170 degree viewing angle, there aren’t any that can beat it. 175 degree angle, anyone?

It’s really easy to hide the wire.

With many dash cams, you spend 15 minutes setting it up. Just when you think you’ve finished, you realise that there are loads of straggling wires hanging around all over the place. Whilst this might not bother you, it’s not great for health and safety and can easily become an obstruction. It’ll become more of an issue if you’re using your dash cam for professional use. That makes the Apeman a great option, as its wires are easily concealable and can be tucked away with ease.

You really can’t beat it for price

Lets face it; if everyone had their own way, they’d be buying the best dash cam on the market without a thought for how much it costs. But for the majority of us, that isn’t always possible. Sacrifices have to be made, including sometimes quality and a trusted brand name. But we have to say, for the price of this Apeman, you aren’t losing that much in quality in comparison to other dash cams of a similar spec. We know it’s not top of the range, but if you’re looking for a budget friendly option, then this is a great choice.


The rear cam quality isn’t amazing.

Well, this is pretty much to be expected from most dash cams, even the best dash cam will usually not have a high quality rear camera. You can find a dash cam with a good quality rear camera if you are willing to pay a bit more, though. To be honest, this likely won’t be an issue for most people, but it’s worth noting.

Not as much effort has gone into concealing the rear camera wires as the front camera.

Whilst it’s extremely easy to hide the wires for the front camera, things aren’t as easy when you get to the rear. Like most dash cams nowadays, it seems far more effort has gone into the front dash cam than the rear, which is a shame. We wish companies would put as much effort into the rear cam as the front!


This is definitely one of the best options for a dash cam if you’re looking for an option that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Whilst it isn’t of the very highest quality, it’s one of the best dash cams available within its price bracket.


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  • Wide-angle front view
  • Budget friendly
  • Front cam wires are concealable


  • Rear cam quality not great
  • Not enough effort put into the rear cam full stop.

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