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FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam 1080P Review

Certainly one of the more attractive dash cams that we’ve looked at, FalconZero have produced a cracking option with the F170HD+. But does the performance match the appearance?


The Intro

FalconZero are a relatively young dash cam producing company, only coming to light in 2012. Though you might think them being such a young company is a negative, you might be wrong. To make up for them being such a young company, they offer a pretty comprehensive warranty. You’re welcome to go over to their website and check it out if you want, but to us it seems pretty solid.

As any young company, they don’t have an abundance of products to check out, but we’ve slected what we think is the best of their bunch with the F170HD+. The specs are pretty impressive, for what seems like a reasonably priced camera. But as you might know, you need to do some thorough research before investing in any dash cam.

About the Product

  • It has 1920×1080 recording – 1920×1080 is pretty good quality for a dash cam of this price. It will start filming as soon as your vehicle begins to move, which means you don’t have to worry about starting your dash cam manually.
  • f/2.0 six glass lenses – What this basically means is that the camera has decent, long ranging vision. f/2.0 means that the aperture goes down to 2.0, which means that it has a long range focus. This is a good thing. Trust us.
  • It features WDR – WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range. This means that this camera has a decent quality throughout the entirety of its span of view.
  • A good warranty – FalconZero back up their brand with a decent warranty to give you some peace of mind with your purchase.


It’s tiny. Like, pocket sized tiny.

The last thing you want when you invest in a dash cam is a big, massive contraption that obstructs your vision. This little beauty will fit on your dash without you even realising it’s there.

The wide viewing angle means you’re unlikely to miss anything.

With dash cams having an increasingly wide viewing angle, it’s safe to say that many people do not consider anything less than 140 degrees. 140 degrees is still considered pretty wide in comparison to what dash cams have produced in the past. The viewing angle on this dash cam is 170 degrees, which makes it pretty freaking wide. This is great if you want a wide vision from your dash cam.

The motion sensor is super responsive.

Unlike some motion sensors that never seem to work, you can rely on the FalconZero to catch anything at anytime. Whenever something touches your car, even if you’re not there, it’ll turn on and record. This is great if you’re worried about vandalism or theft.


It uses a suction pad that you might need to replace eventually.

For some reason, though the rest of the product is of a super high quality, the suction pad that comes with it is not. This means that although the rest of the product is great, you might need to invest in a new suction pad after a while.


We like the F170HD+. It’s a solid little dash cam that you probably won’t regret investing in, as long as you know what you’re getting. We can’t see any glaring omissions or flaws with this FalconZero product, and we think this is one of the better dash cams that we’ve seen.


Thanks for checking out our post! Want to see more dash cams? Have a look at our post, the best dash cams.

FalconZero F170HD+

FalconZero F170HD+




  • It's compact
  • Wide angle
  • Great motion sensor


  • Base not as suction-y as others

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