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Nextbase 312GW Full 1080p HD In Car Dash Cam Camera Review

The Nextbase 312GW is one of the Nations favourite dashboard cameras. Is this with good reason, or is this dash cam overrated? We’re going to have an in depth look at what makes this dash cam so popular.



Nextbase are the most popular dash cam producer in the United Kingdom at present, and to be honest, there’s a pretty good reason for this. Their products are tough, reliable and you won’t need to worry about it breaking for a good while. Whilst all dash cams have their own limited life span, this isn’t something you’ll be needing to worry about any time soon with the 312GW. If you’re wondering how long a dash cam should last you, it’s reasonable to expect it to last a few years. After anywhere from 2-5 years, you should consider getting a new one (technology moves fast!).

About the Product

  • It has inbuilt Wi-Fi – So many dash cams that we see do not have inbuilt Wi-fi, and for the life of us, we just cannot understand why. In todays modern world, having Wi-fi in your dash cam is almost a necessity. Soon, all dash cams will have this feature built in. Anyway, having Wi-fi built into your dash cam is a massive advantage, and makes it really easy to upload your images. Whether you want to post them on Twitter, or sent pictures to your insurer, you can do so easily with this dash cam.
  •  It’s really light – At around 150g, this is one of the lightest and most compact dash cams that is available at the moment. If you’re looking for something that is really lightweight and portable, this is a good choice.
  • Quick GPS – The GPS system that the 312GW uses is very quick and responsive, which is useful in worst case scenarios as well as if you just wish to quickly determine your speed between two landmarks.


It’s really easy to setup and up start using

Whilst some other dash cams might take extensive effort to set up and start using, you can have the 312GW up and running within a few minutes. You don’t need to spend hours and hours worrying about how to set up the 312GW either; its all pretty self explanatory.

The magnetic click and go is really, really handy

If you’re like us and you hate getting caught up in wires, then this is a model that will most certainly interest you. What does Click and go mean? Well, if literally means that the dash cam itself ‘clicks’ off of the base, and you can then ‘go’ and do what you want with it. It’s clever technology at its finest, and enables you to easily pop your dash cam into your glove compartment whenever you’re leaving your car unattended. It’s also great if you want someone in the passenger or backseat to check the dash cam whilst you’re driving.

Really high quality filming

The Nextbase 312GW comes with full 1080p HD filming, which is pretty much the dash cam industry standard now for high quality filming. With a 140 degree viewing angle, you aren’t going to miss much if you’re looking for a decent span dash cam.


No memory card included

So, we’ve really struggle to come up with any cons for this particular dash cam. There just isn’t really too much wrong with it, to be quite honest! The only thing we could come up with is that it doesn’t include a memory card, which some other dash cams do. Though it’s not too hard to find a decent compatible memory card on Amazon.


So, taking into consideration that the 312GW has several different contenders for the coveted title of top dash cam, how does it fare? Well, we have to say in our humble opinion, it’s near the top, if not at the very top itself. The closest contenders to this dash cam that we can see is the 402, which is also another release from Nextbase themselves. If you want to have a look at some of the other dash cams that we think could be the best, then check this post of the best dash cams.

Whilst there are other cameras that are slightly better in certain areas than the 312GW, there really isn’t a dash cam that can match it’s overall ability. It just does everything well. We can’t see any major flaws with the 312GW, and it was a real battle to even come up with some valid negatives about this camera. If you’re looking for a decent all-rounder dash cam, then this is the best that you are going to get.

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Nextbase 312GW

Nextbase 312GW




  • Foolproof setup
  • Magnetic 'Click and go
  • High quality filming


  • No memory card

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