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Z-Edge Z3 2K Ultra Car Dash Cam Review

The Z-Edge Ultra is one of the more modern looking dash cams available right now. Can it match some of the more known brands available on the market right now?




The Z-Edge Z3 is one of the newer models released by Z-Edge. The American company are one of the younger manufacturers around. Though this may be considered as a negative, they specialise in only dash cams, which is great if you are looking for something created by experts in the dash cam market. By specialising in one thing, the company have been able to create one of the better dash cameras that is available to the consumer right now.

One thing that this dash cam definitely does have going for it is that it was voted as the dash cam of the year over at the Wirecutter in 2016. If you’re unfamiliar with the Wirecutter, well they’re a massive website that tests and tries lots of different products to check whether they are as legitimate as stated. So, having their stamp of approval is a massive plus.

With night time footage that’s almost as clear as the daytime footage, is the Z3 Edge a good option for the first time dash cam purchaser?

Product Details

  • 150 degree viewing angle – The majority of dash cams being produced usually have within 120-170 degrees viewing angle. 140 degrees or more would be considered a wide viewing angle. So, with this in mind, many would perceive a 150 degree viewing angle to be pretty much perfect.
  • 64GB memory card – Many dash cams use a 32GB memory card. In fact, they will only use a 32GB memory, which might not give enough recording time for some. The Z3 Edge can take a 64GB memory card, which is a huge advantage it has over some other dash cams on the market.
  • 2k image with 30fps – If you’re looking for a top of the range dash cam, these are the kind of technical specifications that you’ll want to see. At 30 fps, this is actually the most currently allowed in new dash cams. So, you know it’s going to record fluently and coherently.


Probably one of the easiest dash cams to operate.

If you’re looking for a dash cam that’s simple but still gets the job done competently, then this is a great option. The menus are super easy to navigate, so you won’t have any issues scrolling through and adjusting the dash cam to your requirements.

It’s a tough cookie to crack.

It’s super durable. Electronics don’t usually have the tough exterior that the Edge has, and are likely to break upon impact. This isn’t a problem with this model, as it is one of the more solid models available right now. Although it’s only made out of plastic, it’s a well built dash cam that won’t break easily.

Ambarella Chip

The Ambarella chip is different than that found in most dash cams on the market. The majority of dashcams use a Novatek chip, which is most commonly found in the more budget friendly dash cam. As the prices increase slightly, different technology is used. The Ambarella chip enables a higher rate of stability when recording.


If you’re not used to HDR, it might be a bit weird.

There are many instances of people using HDR quality video cameras for the first time and being surprised. HDR stands for High-Dynamic Range, which basically is a way to increase the amount of light or luminosity created in a projected image. If you’re not used to this, then it might appear that every seems ‘too bright’, or that there’s an unnecessary amount of light in your video footage. Don’t worry too much, you’ll likely get used to it.


If you’re looking a solid dash camera in a sort of lower to mid range price, then you will really struggle to find anything better than this one from Z3. It’s certainly one of the best dash cams that we have seen, and you can be sure that you’re getting an extremely high quality camera for your investment.

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Z-Edge Z3

Z-Edge Z3




  • Easy to work
  • Tough
  • Ambarella chip


  • Screen is bright and luminous

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